Community Representative

Telling Stories

I love telling stories. Stories about the things in my life that have happened. The things that have happened to others in their lives. How we overcome obstacles and get knocked down but get up again. Stories with messages and stories with hope. I love to talk about the things I am passionate about. The things I have worked on all my life. Government, politics, non profits, women in leadership and community engagement. Stories are how we connect and understand each other. Stories carry emotion and share powerful messages.



About Nora

I have been an elected Councillor at Maroondah City Council since 2008. I served as the Mayor for the City in 2012-2013. I am a prolific public speaker having presented at local, national, and International conferences on development, community engagement, women in government, building resilience and embracing change and leadership. I have over 25 years of experience in state, federal and local government both in Australia and the USA. I hold a Bachelor of Political Science, a Master of Arts in Public Administration and two Grad Certs, one in Planning and one in Migration Law and Practice.



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